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 Credit Recovery  
Students who are interested in taking Credit Recovery Classes should contact their assigned School Counselor to receive additional information regarding completing the registration process and courses. 
*The two following options are available for DCSD students to take credit recovery classes:
Option 1:                  Flex Academy
More than a “credit recovery factory,” FLEX Academy offers flexible, teacher-led and non-teacher led online courses and units both during the school day and after hours. This enables students to expand their learning day and gain credits that lead to graduation as well as college and career readiness. While graded items in each course have scheduled due dates, students have the flexibility of working on courses from school, home or a nearby library. Students may elect to take any course offered by FLEX Academy, with approval by a local school counselor or designee prior to enrollment.
Registration Dates: Fall 2020
Fall Registration 
July 27, 2020 through  September 15, 2020 
Course Dates 
August 17, 2020-January 13, 2021 

Option 2:         Georgia Virtual Credit Recovery
The GA DOE Credit Recovery Program provides students, who did not initially succeed in obtaining course credit, with the opportunity to retake a course to earn credit towards graduation.
  • Credit Recovery courses have flexible schedules and are not facilitated by a teacher.  
  • The Credit Recovery Program allows students, who have completed seat time and calendar requirements, to earn credit based on competency of the content standards.
  • Credit Recovery courses are complete courses, aligned to state standards, for which the student will demonstrate mastery before receiving a grade. 
  • The Credit Recovery Program offers core courses, and limited electives, required for graduation from a Georgia public high school. 
  • While the program is provided free to participating Georgia public high school students for all first time enrollments, the local school will incur a fee for re-enrollments, which may, in turn, be passed on to students. 
Summer School 2020 Registration 

Greetings Lions Family!

FLEX Academy Summer School 2020 Registration is now officially open!  Due to social distancing guidelines, all FLEX supports will be provided to students virtually (See the attached documents).

 FLEX Academy will only offer FLEX Restore classes in Summer 2020.   Be reminded, FLEX Restore courses are abbreviated credit recovery courses and thus not NCAA approved.  

Please review the following information and important dates below:

a.      Registration Window: May 10, 2020-June 8, 2020

b.      Withdrawal Deadline: June 10, 2020

c.      Course Dates: June 1-25, 2020 

Courses Offered: English: Lit 9, World Lit, American Lit, British Lit Math: Coordinate Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Accelerated GSE Coordinate Algebra/Analytic Geometry A, Accelerated GSE Analytic Geometry B/Advanced Algebra, Advanced Mathematical Decision Making Social Studies: Civics, World Geography, World History, US History, Economics Science: Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science World Language: Spanish I, Spanish II, French I, French II, French III Electives: Intro to Digital Technology

= 2.0 units maximum can be taken with FLEX Academy this summer.

= The failing grade for the requested course must be evident on the student’s transcript.

Cost: There is no cost for FLEX Restore courses

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