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Registration, Enrollment, Transcript and Withdraw Information

NOTE:  Please READ the contents of this webpage to it's entirety, as it may delay the process of your request if forms are not completed or documents not submitted. 

THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS MUST BE PROVIDED FOR ALL STUDENTS: BIRTH CERTIFICATE, SS CARD, GA3231 form, and GA3300 form. (Please see the "Helpful Information" page for information on how to obtain these documents)


Residency Update/Change

Please fill out the form below with residency changes/updates.   Residency proof accepted: 

  1. Current Mortgage statement or lease.  Lease or mortgage  MUST show parent/guardian name. (Handwritten leases MUST be notarized)  AND
  2. One (1) current utility bill (electric, gas, or water) with the parent/guardian name listed.   No telephone/cell phone bills, cable bills, insurance, or bank statements will be accepted.
  3. Parent/Guardian current official picture identification.

Click here --> Update Information (For current students needing to update information/students returning to DCSD within the past school year(2019-2020) ONLY)

Click here to see a sample of a utility bill -->, Water bill

GA PowerGas South       Click here to see a sample of a lease -->   Lease

 Click here to see a sample of a mortgage statement -->  Mortgage

If you are completing an affidavit, Click here --> Affidavit

You will need to print, complete, and have it notarized.  (ALL supporting documents MUST be included) No exceptions. 

NOTE Required Documents for Proof of Residence to be included with Affidavit:

 Parent(s)/Legal guardian(s): (1) Completed Affidavit of Residence (pages 2-3) that is certified by a notary public before submitting; (2) photo ID; and (3) piece of official business mail (ie. Income tax documents, DFACS letter, Bank statement, Paycheck stub) addressed to the parent(s) / legal guardian(s) at the address listed on Affidavit of Residence. All three of these items are required.

Owner/Lessee: (1) Page 4 of the Affidavit of Residence completed (2) photo ID; (3) apartment/house lease or mortgage deed and (4) current utility bill (must be gas, electric, or water) in the name of the owner/lessee. All four of these items are required.

Affidavit MUST be Notarized.

Transfer Student Enrollment 

If the student is transferring from a Dekalb County school, please make sure you have residency information (lease or mortgage statement and a utility bill) along with the parent ID.  Please click here --> School to School Transfer 

New to Dekalb County Student Enrollment 

If the student was not a Dekalb County student within the last school year, there is an online process which can be found here:
Please understand the online process can take 24-72 hours to complete.  You will be contacted via email regarding the status of your application
New to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. High School 
                                          (Must be completed by students NEW to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. HS) 
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. High School is an SLC (Smaller Learning Community) School.   
In an effort for our Counseling Staff to accurately schedule your student, please complete the following forms.  For guidance in making  a decision for your SLC selection: click here --> SLC Overview
To make your selection: click here  -->    SLC/Elective Selection Form
Please complete a form for each student. 

NOTE:  Your elective selection is NOT guaranteed.   


Student Withdrawal

Click here --> Student Withdrawal

Transcript Request / Enrollment Verification
For transcript/enrollment verification requests of recently graduated students(within past 5 years) please submit a request on

Click here --> Transcript (link to Parchment)

For transcript request/enrollment verifications (a student who graduated more than 5years ago), please visit

Once you have complete ALL forms required for your student, please send an email to [email protected]..  Please include the following: SUBJECT LINE: enter "Enrollment"
 For the MESSAGE, please include: Student's Name, DOB,  and Forms you completed.  
You will be contacted via email within 24 hours.  DO NOT upload any documents to the email.

 *If you need further assistance, please call MLK Registrar's office, at 678-874-5406.*

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